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Golconda Fort History

Golconda Fort is located in the western part of Hyderabad city and is about 9 km from Hussain Sagar Lake. The outer fort occupies an area of three square kilometers, which is 4.8 kilometers in length.

It was originally known as Mankal and was built on a hilltop in the year 1143. It was originally a mud fort under the reign of Rajah of Warangal. Later it was fortified between 14th and 17th centuries by the Bahmani Sultans and then the ruling Qutub Shahi dynasty. Golconda was the principal capital of the Qutub Shahi kings. The inner fort contains ruins of palaces, mosques, and a hilltop pavilion, which rises about 130 meters high and gives a bird’s eye view of other buildings.

Golconda fort is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent fortress complexes in India. The history of Golconda Fort goes back to the early 13th century when it was ruled by the Kakatiya’s followed by Qutub Shahi kings, who ruled the region in the 16th and 17th centuries. The fortress rests on a granite hill 120 meters high while huge crenelated ramparts surround this structure.

It was initially called Shepherd’s Hill, meaning Golla Konda in Telugu while according to legend, on this rocky hill a shepherd boy had come across an idol and the information was conveyed to the ruling Kakatiya king at that time. The king constructed a mud fort around this holy spot and after 200 years, Bahamani rulers took possession of the place. Later the Qutub Shahi kings converted this into massive granite fort extending 5km in circumference. The fort is considered a mute witness to historic events. The Qutub Shahis reign at Golconda ended in 1687 when it was run over by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, who intentionally left it in ruins

Golconda still boasts of mounted cannons, four drawbridges, eight gateways, and majestic halls, magazines, stables, etc. The outermost enclosure is called Fateh Darwaza meaning Victory gate after Aurangzeb’s army marched successfully through this gate. At Fateh Darwaza, one can witness fantastic acoustical effects, which is one of the many famous engineering marvels at Golconda. Clapping your hand at a certain point near the dome entrance reverberates which is heard clearly at the hilltop pavilion, almost one kilometer away. This served as a warning note to the inhabitants of the fort of any impending danger, Of course, it now amuses visitors. The fort gains an impressive place among the architectural marvels and heritage structures of India and is a testimony to Hyderabad’s glorious past.

How to Reach

Golconda fort is located at a distance of nearly 11 km from Hyderabad and is accessible by road.


The ticket counter is open from 5:30 PM
Note: Golconda Fort Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Where to eat

Telangana Tourism operates a world-class restaurant at Taramati Baradari resorts close by. There are other budget hotels and high-end restaurants owned by private operators.


Tourists can buy small gift items and other articles made of craftwork near the fort.

Where to stay

Telangana Tourism operates Plaza Hotel in Begumpet, Located at a distance of 11.8kms from Golconda Fort is a comfortable stay. The Plaza hotel here is ideal for tourists visiting destinations in and around Hyderabad. There are standard and deluxe A/C rooms and the interiors are world-class, designed aesthetically to attract tourists. The rooms of the hotel are well-maintained, the environs look pleasing and this hotel is built in signature style in the midst of the city. There is also an attached restaurant here offering quality food for the visitors at specified timings. A prominent hotel of Telangana tourism, Plaza Hotel has well-laid tiles while the woodwork of suites indicates world-class construction, thereby creating a landmark hotel of the tourism department.

Haritha Taramathi baradari resort is located at a distance of 4.3kms from Golconda Fort, is an attractive destination in Hyderabad. The resort has an Open Air Auditorium, which is ideal for corporate gatherings and private events. It also has an Air Cooled Theatre and Banquet Hall that are a perfect fit for special events, conferences, and exhibitions. It comes with an attached pantry, a multi-cuisine A/C restaurant, and a 50 PAX A/c Bar(saqi) for spending some quality time. The resort also has a souvenir shop and swimming pool that comes with a modern health club with the best facilities for fitness and leisure. There are A/C suites and A/C rooms that can be an ideal way to enjoy luxury in the vicinity of a prominent monument. Spending time close to a heritage destination with the best accommodation and quality food, with all trappings of a resort has never been this wonderful!

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